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Upwork Services

Service Price Actions
Upwork VERIF $150
Upwork VERIF with review $200

Freelancer Services

Service Price Actions
Freelancer.com VERIF $120
Freelancer + UpWork VERYF $250

LinkedIn Services

Service Price Actions
LinkedIn VERYF without a workplace $150
LinkedIn VERYF with a workplace $150

PayPal Services

Service Price Actions
PayPal rent without a desktop $150
PayPal rent with a desktop $150

Payoneer Services

Service Price Actions
Payoneer rent with a workplace $150
Payoneer rent without a workplace $150

Fiverr Services

Service Price Actions
Fiverr.com without a workplace $150
Fiverr.com with a workplace $150

Other Services

Service Price Actions
PeoplePerHour.com without a workplace $50
PeoplePerHour.com with a workplace $80
Guru.com without a workplace $50
Guru.com with a workplace $80


Frequently Asked Questions

Such questions are asked only by scammers, pigs or beginners who do not know how to earn money, who do not have money to buy connections and honestly earn decent money.

We entrusted more than 30 accounts, without prepayment, and not a single client paid and could not earn on them.

If you are going to waste your and our time and then offer us to take an account without payment.

So please don't waste your time.

We have a successful experience of more than 100 accounts.
We know all the errors that can lead to blocking.

We don't make mistakes!


But you yourself know very well that the account can be blocked due to the fault of the freelancer, if you are rude to the customer, or do your job poorly!


We guarantee that the client who has made an advance payment will receive a secure account that is not blocked!
1. We have a lot of experience, we know all the reasons why an account can receive a block and we do not make such mistakes, we are very careful about our accounts:

2. We always use only a separate PC
3. We always use only a unique IP address
4. We always use only genuine real documents of a real person who passes video verification
5. We provide convenient and secure remote access successfully verified by hundreds of our customers

Of course! We guarantee uninterrupted access to your accounts 365 days a year. If any technical issues arise, our specialists will quickly resolve them so you can continue working without interruption


A beautiful avatar is the most important factor for a programmer on a freelance site in order to attract a customer to negotiations and draw attention to themselves.

It has a great influence on the perception of a professional image and the establishment of trusting relationships with potential customers.

Attracts more attention and evokes positive emotions in customers who view the programmer's portfolio. This increases the likelihood that the customer will contact the programmer to discuss the details of the project.

Secondly, a beautiful avatar can create an impression of professionalism and seriousness. This increases the confidence of clients in the programmer and convince them that he is competent and able to perform the work at a high level.

But we should not forget that the main success factor on a freelance site is the quality of the work performed and the reputation of the programmer. Therefore, despite the importance of the appearance of the profile, professional skills and work experience are much more important.

1. Violation of the rules for using the Upwork platform, including attempts to deceive or scam.
2. Profile inconsistency on Upwork, such as the use of fake information, fake documents or photos. (Our people are 100% real, you can call us on video and see for yourself)
3. Using multiple accounts on Upwork. (We use only 1 time 1 account per 1 person and nothing else)
4. Unprofessional behavior, including insults, threats or inappropriate communication with other users.
5. Using prohibited programs or scripts to gain an advantage on the Upwork platform.
6. Disclosing confidential information about customers or freelancers on Upwork.
7. Poor performance of work that does not meet the requirements of the customer.
8. Violation of copyright or intellectual property rights.
9. Use of unauthorized or prohibited payment methods on Upwork.
10. Failure to comply with the rules and security policies of the Upwork platform, including attempts to circumvent the security system.
11. Violation of laws and regulations relating to workers or services offered on the Upwork platform.
12. Using fake reviews or other methods to improve your reputation on Upwork.
13. Repeated violation of the rules of the Upwork platform, including after warnings or blocks.
14. Committing illegal actions within the framework of work, including violations of confidentiality rules.
15. Use of bots or automated systems to complete work on Upwork.
16. Inconsistency of the information provided on the Upwork platform with real data.
17. Use of false or incorrect data in the profile on Upwork.
18. Deception of customers or other users of the Upwork platform.
19. Unauthorized access to the accounts of other users of the Upwork platform.
20. Participation in prohibited activities on the Upwork platform, such as breaking laws, selling prohibited goods or services, etc.


What Clients Say About Us

Alexa Loverty Alexa Loverty

Alexa Loverty

Product Designer

Crowdmarket.net has been a game-changer for my freelance business! The platform's user-friendly interface and wide range of accounts have allowed me to expand my portfolio and increase my earnings significantly. I highly recommend it to any freelancer looking to take their career to the next level

Alexa Loverty
Andrew Mattews Andrew Mattews

Andrew Mattews

Product Designer

I've been using Crowdmarket.net for several months now, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The platform's wide range of accounts and flexible payment options make it easy for me to find and complete projects that interest me. Thanks to Crowdmarket.net, I've been able to earn a steady income doing what I love!

Andrew Mattews
Maxine Butler Maxine Butler

Maxine Butler

Product Designer

I've tried several accounts platforms, but Crowdmarket.net is by far the best. The platform's intuitive design and easy-to-use features make it simple to find and apply for jobs, while the built-in messaging system allows me to communicate with team in real-time. I've been able to earn more money and take on more projects thanks to Crowdmarket.net!

Maxine Butler